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TheButcheress_ - Recipes, Food & Travel Blog


Blog, Website

  • React
  • NextJS
  • Sanity
  • AWS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • MongoDB


Design (in collab with Yukina), Setup Sanity - Headless Content Management System, Launch via Amazon Web Services (AWS), Setup Email Service via AWS SES, Custom Dashboard, Setup Google Search Console, Setup Google Analytics


Web Developer


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Creating the website for Yukina was an enjoyable and enriching experience. I have a genuine fondness for the design aesthetics, particularly the soft pastel colors that give it a distinctive charm. The website is seamlessly integrated into Sanity CMS, built with Next.js and I chose AWS for hosting. An image slider, beautifully achieved with Swiper, adds an engaging visual element to the site. While the Recipes section is still growing, the presentation of the page is visually captivating. Every piece of content, including a dedicated Blog section with a customized rich text editor, is managed through Sanity, providing extensive customization and control. To enhance online presence and gain valuable insights, I've integrated Google Search Console and Google Analytics. This website represents was a great experience in my journey, and I hope it provides you with a delightful experience. I truly value and welcome your questions and feedback.