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DJ Raifu - Music DJ



  • React
  • NextJS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • AWS
  • Sanity


Design (in collab with Raifu), Setup Sanity - Headless Content Management System, Launch via Amazon Web Services (AWS), Setup Google Search Console, Setup Google Analytics


Web Developer


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Creating DJ Raifu's website was a truly enjoyable experience. As a DJ, it was important to capture the essence of his music in the website's design. For a music enthusiast like Raifu, the website features Spotify and SoundCloud widgets, making it a breeze to dive into his beats. Catch a glimpse of his electrifying events through Instagram photos, adding a personal touch to the mix. It's enhanced by the addition of an image slideshow powered by Swiper, elevating the visual experience. Content management is carried out seamlessly with Sanity as a headless CMS in conjunction with Next.js as a framework. I opted for AWS for hosting and processing contact forms is effortless thanks to AWS SES and Lambda functions. The integration of Google Search Console and Google Analytics provides valuable insights and improves findability. I greatly appreciate the journey to create this project, and your questions and feedback are always welcome and appreciated.